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Many women dress badly on the mountain because few fashions are made to truly accentuate their figures and be functional in a mountain environment.

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The details


Circe Snow outerwear empowers active women who want to feel and look good in their winter snow apparel. Created by a group of women looking for a more sophisticated and stylish product, Circe Snow aims to inspire intrepid, forward-thinking strong women. Think functional and fabulous.

  • 10,000mm Waterproofing Satin Stretch
  • Breathability
  • Satin lining
  • Seam Sealed
  • Under Arm and Leg Vents 
  • Convenient Pass holder with pull-tab for easy access
  • Length adjusters
  • Inner Pockets
  • Eco Message

Step 1

Embark on your adventure

Step 1.

Remove your newly purchased garment from the package.
If you buy an additional kit, please accept/enjoy our deluxe kit carrier as gift with purchase.

Choose from the following to adorn your winter wear.

Cuff | Collars | Belt | Pocket Adornment

To apply the kit’s pieces, follow the color-coded snaps. Start with the white ones and they will guide you. Or as guides and they will lead you to the finish. Make sure the seams match up on the cuffs.

To remove, gently unsnap and remember to place the pieces you don’t use in your Kit Carrier.  

Siren Secrets

Apparel and Etiquette,

Many women dress badly on the mountain because few fashions are made to truly accentuate their figures and be functional in a mountain environment. If you are ready to own your strength AND beauty read on…

Staying warm is the first priority. Circe Snow’s goal is to afford you more time on the mountain looking fabulous and feeling energized. Layering is key. Use high quality Circe Snow under layers (arriving 2010) that allow for breathability yet keep the body warmth inside. Stay away from cotton garments that hold moisture. Make sure your vents all fully zipped. Neck Gators or warmers are highly suggested (2010). Neck gators, and under layers are great pieces to color accent.

Pant legs should always cover the length of your boot comfortably. When sizing make sure that your pant leg does not hit the ground. It should come just slightly above the bottom of your boot to prevent dragging and damage to your beautiful skiwear.

Avoid back gap. This occurs when your jacket does not properly cover your lower back. You should always have a fully covered rear. The function of a one piece prevents this; if you purchased the two-piece make sure you’re zipped up and covered.

When using the Ladies Room while wearing a one piece, tie the sleeves loosely around your waist to keep sleeves off the floor.

Place your iPod in the inner pocket and use our seamless feed for your headphones or stash your cell phone in this designated pocket. The great advantages of technology allow us access and ability to do more fun stuff, so enjoy the present moment of the mountain.

Goggles and Glasses

Glamorous Glasses!

These are a key item for any day on the hill. Make sure your glasses or goggle style and shapes flatter your face and are fitted to ensure they won’t move around while you scream down the hill with the wind in your face. Bring a wipe cloth to clean the snow off when on the chair lift. If your goggles are fogging stuff them with the tissue paper available in most lift lines for the lift ride up and your sure to have clear goggles by the time your to the top.

Hand in the Gloves!

Gloves are not only key to your ensemble but they complete it. Every woman should have a few glove pairs to choose from. They provide simple elegance and should always be slip in fit while being waterproof and protect your hands from the elements.

Perfume is Personality

Circe always suggests a small sprizt of your favor scent. Be discrete but there is no reason why you should smell nice while exploring the mountains.

Siren Secrets


Circe suggests you always make sure your hair is dry before setting out for the hill to prevent chill. Winter locations tend to be extremely dry environments. At night massage your scalp and apply to dry ends a bit of oil or lotion, ideally one that you would use for your face. When preparing for the day on the hill it is best to braid and put your hair in a ponytail to prevent the inevitable windy and wet knots.

Hats can define your look but they must fit properly and allow for full coverage of your ears and forehead. Be careful to ensure there is no gap on your forehead from your goggles to your hat. Your hat should either fit nicely under your goggles or as with our beautiful babushka come out over enough your glasses or shaded to prevent snow, windburn or frostbite from creeping in.