Kid Size Pure Silver Mesh Reusable Mask for Children


Pure Silver Mesh Protective Reusable Face Mask for Children Great for School or Everyday Life While Social Distancing.

Natural Silver’s ion properties have a proven long-standing reputation as an effective way to resist and kill more then 650 kinds of harmful bacteria. 

Washable, reusable masks with silver ions and anti-pathogen properties could provide a potent prevention tool against Viral Infections.

Protective Double Mesh
+ Comfortable elastic bands

Our Highly Conductive Silver-infused fabric embeds the silver directly into the fibers rather than giving them a surface treatment this results in the use nanoparticles instead of conventional silver - nanoparticles release at the right rate to keep a thin silver film on the fabric, preventing a bacterial foothold. Nano-silver particles will not dissolve in water, but will increase their activity, and produce silver ions through slow-release, the bactericidal effect is even better.

silver fabric mask for

Antimicrobial Performance

Natural Silver works against bacteria only in ion form — it must lose an electron to become positively charged. Silver ions pierce through the external surfaces of the cells and damage their DNA, as well as the protein structure, halting their metabolism and reproduction until they die. After the cells have become inactive, silver ions leave but continue to act against microbes, delivering a constant antimicrobial performance with no toxicity or side effects.

Product features


Double Mesh Construction

99% Pure Ionically Plated Silver Double Mesh Silver



Silver is a scientifically proven antimicrobial, antibacterial and anti-fungal agent


Highly Breathable

Highly breathable. Excellent for activity, running, exercising and attractive to wear



Reusable and long last-ability. Washing is optional (bacterial cannot grow on silver)



If desired can wash in warm/cool water with mild soap (no bleach); air dries quickly


Environmentally safe

Eco-friendly and economical (compared to disposable, reduce waste and kinder to our Earth and landfills)